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Naked Crackers

Delicious, nutritious, all-seed, gluten-free CRACKERS. made in Brisbane, Australia

Good with nothing on | Dress them as you like

A gluten-free, grain-free, vegan cracker that’s packed with flavour and nutrition and makes everyone food
happy. No one misses out.

No separate bowls of crackers on the snack table.

Oh and did we mention they are super crunchy?


Good for your tastebuds, good for you

Naked Crackers are made completely from seeds, and seeds are a scrumptious power-house of goodness. We grind and soak most of the seeds to ensure their nutrients are fully available to your body. So you will love the taste and crunch, and your body will love you for eating them.


Giving back to the community

As a small start up, Naked Crackers has been nurtured by our community.

We give back some of that love by contributing to Women’s House – an essential Brisbane service assisting women escaping violence.

We create Naked Crackers in conjunction with the Wandering Cooks community and support food provenance and sustainability by being active members of the Wandering Cooks Charter.

We sell Naked Crackers in partnership with likeminded local and national stores. 

From seed to table

this is the Naked Crackers story


Naked Crackers were born from love and community. They began with my experiments to make a seed cracker for my daughter, Frida, who has a severe reaction to gluten. I was determined to make sure Frida was included in the frequent get-togethers on my back deck, which always involved crackers.

To my surprise, it wasn’t just Frida who loved the crackers, everyone loved them. I couldn’t make them fast enough to keep up with demand! So one thing led to another and now here they are available for you to share with your friends and family, or to snack on all by yourself.


Tanea Saul, founder of Naked Crackers

Love Naked Crackers! A fab alternative for those of us who are living life without grains.
— Kelly Lappan
Seriously tasty. Love these on their own but also fantastic as part of a cheese platter. Yum!
— Bev O'Brien
Seriously they are the best. The flavours are deep but yet don’t overshadow what ever I have with them. When I look at them I am delighted by the shapes and colours and the sense of depth..... Almost like looking out to the stars. But best of all, I think, is the way the texture holds up to the chewing.
— Liz Price
Love Naked Crackers not just delicious but a textural delight. Fantastic for a restrictive diet.
— Carol Graham
Naked crackers are delicious.
With cheese or dips or just on their own.
Keep them coming.
— Kat Tupong